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Offline Tablet Pro By Martin Crumlish is a new website coming soon all about Offline Tablet Pro By Martin Crumlish, a new unique WordPress plugin that creates"in store" apps for offline businesses that run on tablet devices.

Irish internet marketer Martin Crumlish has made quite a name for himself creating and marketing software tools in the areas of WordPress plugins and themes and Facebook apps in particular. Very often - in fact almost always - his emphasis for the use of these tools is on offline marketing, i.e. offering internet marketing services to offline businesses for a fee as an online marketing consultant for local businesses.

Offline marketing consulting offers a way for many people to create a business earning an income from home by using their knowledge of internet marketing to help local small businesses market online.

Martin's new software designed for businesses using tablet devices in their store contains four (4) different types of app in one WordPress plugin. Offline Tablet Pro creates all kinds of "point of sale" and "in store" marketing tools that help make the sale or capture leads for future follow up marketing.

Businesses can use their tablet devices to interact with customers e.g. with an interactive sales product tour or demo, or an in-person slide show. Offline Tablet Pro helps them get live feedback, collecting testimonials and customer ratings, and even in-person lead capture pages that can be run in stores, at events away from the store (like consumer fairs or trade shows) or at open houses.

There's more to come, but meanwhile, click on the demo image below to experience all that Offline Tablet Pro has to offer:

Martin Crumlish's Offline Tablet Pro WordPress plugin

Offline Tablet Pro

Small Businesses

Martin Crumlish

More on Offline Tablet Pro by Martin Crumlish coming soon!

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